Regroup Mass Notification Integrates With Canvas To Improve Higher Ed and K-12 Communications

Regroup Mass Notification’s highly anticipated integration with Canvas, the open-source learning management system, is now available for users of the award-winning mass notification platform. This new development unifies communication for a better, more efficient student-teacher experience.

The new integration will enable teachers and education professionals to achieve stress-free communications with students by unifying Regroup’s powerful mass notification platform with the tools and resources offered by Canvas.

Within the familiar Canvas dashboard, teachers will be able to send bulk or individual SMS messages with the ease-of-use and speed that only Regroup provides — up to 9,000 messages in as little as 60 seconds. Regroup’s reliable, cloud-based system will improve student accountability, completion of assignments and alert students to changes in schedules or location.

“We are extremely happy to provide this important integration with a powerful tool as Canvas,” said Joe DiPasquale, CEO of Regroup. “The ability to quickly send notifications, in a matter of seconds and without complicated software, will benefit both teachers and students immensely.”

The Canvas integration is the latest in a series of system enhancements that Regroup Mass Notification has introduced in their efforts to continue developing the best communication solutions for education and beyond.

To learn more about leveraging Regroup’s Notification System to improve higher education, as well as streamline day-to-day communications, call 1-855-REGROUP or email inquiries(at)regroup(dot)com.